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Best Universities in Pakistan for CS

Computer science is the study of computers and computing systems. In contrast to electricians and computer scientists, computer scientists primarily deal with software and software systems. This includes theory, design, development, and applications. A lot of universities in Pakistan offered computer science degrees, here in this article we discussed a few best ones that have the best ranking in Pakistan and in Asia as well. Their names are listed below
National University of Science and Technology (NUST), Islamabad
National University of Computer and Emerging Sciences (FAST), Lahore
Bahria University, Islamabad

International Islamic University (IIUI), Islamabad
COMSATS University (CUI), Islamabad
Quad-i-Azam University, Islamabad
University of Engineering and Technology (UET), Lahore
Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS), Lahore
Information Technology University (ITU), Lahore
University of the Punjab (PU), Lahore

Pakistan Institute of Engineering and Applied Sciences (PIEAS), Islamabad

University of Agriculture, Faisalabad

Mohammad Ali Jinnah University, Karachi

Riphah International University, Islamabad

Iqra University (IQ), Karachi

Now we discussed in details about their offered programs in computer science and their ranking
National University of Science and Technology (NUST), Islamabad
Rank in Pakistan and Asia (in computer science program)
#5 in Pakistan

538 in Asia

1532 in the World

National University of Science and Technology Islamabad (NUST) is a trendsetter in science and technology education and research. Pakistan recognizes NUST for national engineering and mathematical innovation. As the most prestigious university, it also offers a comprehensive computer science program, making NUST one of the best computer science schools in Pakistan. The NUST Computing Department oversees the education and training of computer science students.
Engineering Informatics and Computer Science organizes boot camps to improve deep learning skills for visual recognition in images and videos. This training is designed to help you get started with computer vision quickly and learn the practical skills and expertise you need to solve the world’s most difficult problems. Participants will learn the basics of computer vision by training and using the deep learning framework and building the skills and tools needed to design their own deep learning solutions through hands-on projects.

Here, students have the theoretical and practical skills to prepare themselves into the world of technical work. The faculty also maintains collaboration with other universities to broaden the horizons of students and customize systems compatible with Pakistan’s IT landscape. NUST-SEECS is committed to providing world-class educational and research opportunities in Pakistan. The school offers graduate and undergraduate programs in the fields of electrical engineering, software engineering, and computer science. These programs combine digital systems, communications technology, power and control systems, artificial intelligence, data science, information security, robotics, and other information.

Programs offered
(Degrees offered: Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Doctoral degrees)

  8. PhD Artificial Intelligence

2 National University of Computer and Emerging Sciences (FAST), Lahore
Rank in Pakistan and Asia (in computer science program)

4 in Pakistan #349 in Asia #1162 in the World

The National University of Computer Emerging Sciences is a private research-oriented university. Well known as the Science and Technology Progress Foundation or FAST, it has always been ranked as one of the best universities in Pakistan. It is one of the best Pakistani schools for computer science and information technology and sets standards at the international level. FAST offers world-class education to drive the goal of global recognition.
FAST differs from most universities in that it does not have an established school, faculty, or institution for a bachelor’s degree program. Universities offer computer science at both undergraduate and graduate levels. After graduating from FAST, students can expect a bright future in game development, graphic design, software development, and other career areas.
If anyone want to secure admission in FAST computer science program students are required to take an entrance exam which is computer based or submit NTS exam results. And students should have 60% marks in matric and 50% in intermediate or equivalent degree.
Programs offered
For undergraduate
BS (Artificial Intelligence)
BS (Computer Science)
BS (Cyber Security)
BS (Data Science)
BS (Software Engineering)

For postgraduate

MS (Artificial Intelligence)
MS (Computer Networks and Security)
MS (Computer Science)
MS (Data Science)
MS (Software Engineering)
MS (Software Project Management)

3 Bahria University, Islamabad
Rank in Pakistan and Asia (in computer science program)

6 in Pakistan

554 in Asia

1579 in the World

Eligibity criteria for getting admission in bahria university students should have 50% points on a math mid-term / equivalent exam or math equivalent qualification, accredited by the IBCC and passed the Bahria University entrance exam.
Program offered
Computer Programming
Analysis of Algorithms
Computer Architecture
Operating Systems
Theory of Automata

4 International Islamic University (IIUI), Islamabad
Rank in Pakistan and Asia (in computer science program)

7 in Pakistan

586 in Asia

1647 in the World

Program offered
BS Computer Science (BSCS)
BS Information Technology (BSIT)
BS Software Engineering (BSSE)
MS Computer Science (MSCS)
MS Software Engineering (MSSE)
PhD Computer Science (PhD CS)
5 COMSATS University (CUI), Islamabad
Rank in Pakistan and Asia (in computer science program)

2 in Pakistan

149 in Asia

645 in the World

It offers another competent computer science curriculum in the country and is attracting the attention of students who want to pursue a career in IT. Perhaps that’s why CUI is considered the best computer science institution in Pakistan. The CUI Computer Science Division has the highest level of accreditation in the country for software development and computer science programs. It shapes students into experienced entrepreneurs who can contribute in areas such as computer hardware development, application programming and information system management. This department does more than just engage students in theoretical and practical learning. It also encourages students to engage deeply in research.
Program offered
MS in Computer Science
MS in Information Security
MS in Software Engineering
PhD in Computer Science
6 Quad-i-Azam University (QAU), Islamabad
Rank in Pakistan and Asia (in computer science program)

11 in Pakistan

665 in Asia

1785 in the World

Quaid-i-Azam University (QAU) in Islamabad is the largest university and has the largest student body in Pakistan’s higher education institutions. This is a popular educational option among college students, sharing international awareness and connections with other intellectual centers around the world. This will also make QAU the leading computer science institution in Pakistan. The QAU School of Computer Science is one of Pakistan’s top-ranked computer science institutions. This department is dedicated to honing students’ knowledge and skills to meet the high demands of Pakistan’s technology industry. Experienced teachers and industry professionals encourage student creativity in solving problems. Students explore different disciplines such as human-centric computing and artificial intelligence to discover computer science niches and achieve a satisfying career.
Program offered

• Artificial Intelligence
• Software Engineering
• Data Science
• Human Centered Computing
• Platform based Development
• Networks and Security
• Information Management
7 University of Engineering and Technology (UET), Lahore
Rank in Pakistan and Asia (in computer science program)

3 in Pakistan

336 in Asia

1140 in the World

The oldest existing university in Pakistan is the University of Engineering and Technology (UET). Located in Lahore, Punjab, UET is a highly selected university. It also houses one of the oldest institutions in the country for computer research. The UET School of Computer Science strives to encourage student creativity to fully face today’s problems and problems. Computer science students are trained to become world-class professionals who contribute to the interests of society through information systems and computer science. The department’s passion for growth secures Pakistan’s future in the areas of software development, programming and information systems. The center was responsible for teaching computer science and numerical courses, which are an integral part of the curriculum in all disciplines of the Bachelor of Science. A degree of engineering offered by UET. The center also offered short-term computer courses for private and public sector organizations. The Bachelor’s Degree Program at the Computer Science Center began in 1976. The master’s program was expanded in 1978. With a degree in computer science, it became the first center in Japan to offer a graduate program in computer science. The center became an independent division of computer science in 1991. The UET CS division is demonstrating green leadership in computer science education. Whether they are professionals, graduate students and undergraduates, our department excels at developing innovative world-class educational programs to tackle complex problems in a creative and productive way. increase. Our innovative education and technical know-how has led to dynamic cooperation. Our only goal is to build a better future for our students. As the need for flexible and interdisciplinary global education grows, our courses combine both theoretical and research-based knowledge with hands-on experience and opportunities for networking with other colleagues in the same discipline. Provide. Our faculty provides important and technical expertise to professionals who want to expand their context-specific knowledge or develop new disciplines.

In order to ecure admission here, 30% of the weight is assigned to the incoming test mark. 25% and 45% of enrollment are weighted by grades in the matric and first year. However, students must achieve at least 60% of FSc points to confirm admission
Programs offered
Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning
Data Science
Advanced Python Programming & Applications
Game Design and Development
Full Stack Web Application Development
Commercial Graphics Designing
Video Editing & 3D Animation
Android Application Development
Amazon Affiliate Marketing
SEO & Freelancing
Foundation (MS Office Program)

8 Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS), Lahore
Rank in Pakistan and Asia (in computer science program)

8 in Pakistan

612 in Asia

1690 in the World

Lahore University of Business Sciences (LUMS) is a private university. Known as one of Pakistan’s top business schools, it also excels in science and technology. LUMS is an excellent computer science school in Pakistan. Universities are receiving national attention for their impact on computer science programs and research in the academic community. The LUMS School of Computer Science guides students to acquire the skills and know-how needed to succeed in computer science. The department also involves students in research work. Students then learn to understand the complexity of computer science and business informatics in academia. This department is dedicated to its education and research efforts to contribute to the improvement of software and computer networks for a more productive society. LUMS’s Faculty of Computer Science offers rigorous undergraduate education. Our goal is to provide excellent CS education, at least as good as the best educational institutions in the world. Our program is not only to prepare students for a career in a prestigious company, but also to carry out our world-class research. LUMS CS students are regularly assigned to major companies around the world, including Google, Microsoft, Facebook, and Amazon, and offer fully-funded graduate admissions from the world’s most prestigious universities, such as MIT and Stanford University. I have received it. Since CS education is important in many other areas, we focus on providing a wide range of education to our students. In addition to CS courses, students can take up to 10 courses from other disciplines, including business administration, economics, law, biology, mathematics, etc., thus broadening their horizons in several disciplines.

The School of Computer Science at Syed Babar Ali Faculty of Science and Engineering (SBASSE) has a highly research-active faculty that encourages undergraduate students to participate in research. Research opportunities focus on both basic research in the fields of computational theory, computer networks, computer vision, data mining, software engineering, artificial intelligence, and robotics, as well as socio-economically important practical projects. increase. These include building systems to send relevant information to farmers, developing mapping solutions for rural areas, and developing records management solutions for judicial systems. Thanks to our new PhD program, undergraduates have the opportunity to work on research with graduate students.

Student selection for admission to the LUMS Undergraduate Program is based on the following factors: Educational background. Performance at the entrance exam. Completed and timely application forms and supplementary documents.

9 Information Technology University (ITU), Lahore
Rank in Pakistan and Asia (in computer science program)

1 in Pakistan

61 in Asia

294 in the World

The Information Technology University (ITU) is a public studies college in Lahore, Punjab. Formerly led through lecturers who studied and taught on the University of Cambridge, ITU is modeled after MIT, one of the US’ maximum prestigious universities for engineering and technology. ITU additionally affords Pakistan with a world-magnificence schooling in laptop technological know-how. ITU’s laptop technological know-how software takes to the air from Pakistan’s want for well-versed specialists in records technology. Carefully evolved guides construct the college students’ essential expertise and hands-on functionality for regions like databases, algorithms, and records security. ITU additionally entices the college students’ and faculties’ appetites for immersive deep studies on laptop technological know-how. Data technological know-how, imaginative and prescient processing, and synthetic intelligence are a few regions of recognition with which the college participates in collaborative efforts with different universities and laboratories. The Bachelor’s of Science (BS) in Computer Science software on the Information Technology University of the Punjab (ITU) pursuits to impart a studies-orientated and design-focused schooling generating people that could rework the IT enterprise of Pakistan. Our curriculum is intelligently tailor-made to satisfy the expertise and abilities hole withinside the enterprise. In addition, guides are taught through famend college with numerous country wide and global experiences. Research at ITU’s a couple of studies facilities is rigorous and is undertaken in lively collaboration with overseas and neighborhood partners. By turning into worried with a numerous array of studies projects, our college students upload to their lecture room expertise and, advantage hands-on, realistic paintings enjoy to sharpen their abilities. Ultimately, the mixture of our well-designed curriculum, exceedingly skilled and overseas certified college, and possibilities to hone abilities via realistic studies enjoy method that our college students graduate as exceedingly professional specialists prepared for a aggressive activity market. The Department of Computer Science at Information Technology University has been provided the highest-rated “W” class through the National Computing Education and Accreditation Council (NCEAC).
In order to secure admission in ITU students scored at least 60% marks in Matriculation AND 60% marks in Intermediate or equivalent examination*. Minimum score is 50% in the ITU Admissions Test OR SAT I with at least 550 score in each section OR NTS-NAT ICS, NAT IE Test with minimum required score 50%
Program offered
Bs computer science
Bs software engineering
Ms computer science
Ms software engineering
Phd computer science
10 University of the Punjab (PU), Lahore
Rank in Pakistan and Asia (in computer science program)

12 in Pakistan

697 in Asia

1845 in the World

The main purpose of the BS program in computer science is to produce a well-balanced graduate of graduates.
• A strong foundation in the theoretical concept of computer science. • Ability to apply these concepts to provide computer-based solutions to problems related to complex algorithms.
• Ability to design and implement complex software using multiple programming technologies in a variety of operating systems and back-end technologies.
• Strong academic preparation for pursuing a career in the national and international IT industry.
• Prepared for the rigors of graduate research in computer science. • You can communicate effectively.
• Empowered through formal or informal methods for further education
Intermediate with Mathematics & Physics.
Intermediate with Mathematics & Computer Science.
Intermediate with Mathematics & Statistics.
F.Sc Pre-Medical with additional Math.

Additional Marks:
Hafiz-e-Quran: 20 Marks

Merit Formula:
Academic Record 70%
Entry Test 30%

11 Pakistan Institute of Engineering and Applied Sciences (PIEAS), Islamabad
Rank in Pakistan and Asia (in computer science program)

13 in Pakistan

712 in Asia

1871 in the World

PIEAS is one of the leading universities in the fields of engineering and computer science in Pakistan. It was founded in 1967 as a nuclear reactor school. The university is sponsored by the Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission. The university covers 150 acres of land and has only one campus in Nilore, Islamabad. Since its inception in May 2000, the Faculty of Computer and Information Science (DCIS) has provided quality education, provided opportunities to study computer science concepts and theories in detail, and encouraged research and development in computer and information science. The purpose is to do. It offers a four-year bachelor’s degree in Computer Informatics (CIS), approved by the Commission on Higher Education (HEC) and accredited by the National Council for Computing Education Accreditation (NCEAC). So far, 10 sessions have been successfully completed and the 12th group is nearing completion. Some of these graduates continue to study higher education at various prestigious universities in Pakistan and abroad. Many others are employed in recognized public and private sectors. DCIS has a PhD. He completed his computer science program in 2001 and has produced 32 graduates so far. Current enrollment of 26 PhD students. Shows the research status of the department. DCIS also offers MS Computer Science and MS Cyber ​​Security, which specialize in computational intelligence and machine vision, scientific computing, and information system security. The Department’s laboratories are equipped with state-of-the-art computer systems that run a wide range of software and applications to support the course. PIEAS campuses and hostels are networked with fiber optics, with 24-hour backbone and computer facilities available. The aim is to improve students’ learning abilities and provide students with a challenging environment for quality education and research through an appropriate curriculum and the development of talented teachers. DCIS has very enthusiastic faculty members who specialize in a wide range of fields such as image processing and recognition, neural networks, artificial intelligence, digital signal processing, and scientific computing. After completing their studies at DCIS, PIEAS, we expect graduates to have a high level of professional ability combined with human and moral qualities.
PIEAS Admission Test  60%,  Matric 15%, F.Sc. 25%. Admission on the basis of SAT scores:
In SAT,a minimum score of 2000 is required.

12 University of Agriculture, Faisalabad
Rank in Pakistan and Asia (in computer science program)

14 in Pakistan

764 in Asia

1996 in the World

Computer science education at the university began in 1975 in the form of short-term courses aimed at developing computer skills. Over the years, computer equipment has been enhanced and updated to allow universities to offer a master’s degree. A computer science course in 1992 in the Faculty of Mathematics and Statistics as part of the Computer Training Agenda. In 1996, an independent department of computer science was established to perform all tasks related to computer science, especially to promote and develop computer education in the country. Derzeit bietet die Abteilung den Grad von M.Sc. Computer Science and M.S. Computer Science. The Computer Science curriculum covers all aspects of computer science, especially in the areas of artificial intelligence, software engineering, databases, numerical analysis, computer architecture, multimedia, graphics, and other rapidly evolving computer sciences. Covering. The focus is on project / research work, from practical problems in application development to abstract and philosophical questions in computer science and advanced computing. Students are encouraged to take courses and complete projects in the field of computer science, which interacts with other areas of information management or department coverage. This department has excellent computer equipment for training, data analysis, program development, and research. These are positively compared to any university in Pakistan. The lab has a wealth of both software and hardware installations. We want to strengthen our graduate programs by focusing on student projects and increasing their relevance to the software industry.
To apply for the Bachelor of Science program, candidates required an intermediate level of 45% grade from an accreditation body. Applying for Agricultural Engagement and Technology requires 60 points from the intermediate level of biology and 50% of the points of the entrance examination conducted by the university.

13 Mohammad Ali Jinnah University, Karachi
Rank in Pakistan and Asia (in computer science program)

17 in Pakistan

910 in Asia

2294 in the World

Mohammad Ali Jinnah University is a private university located in Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan. Founded in 1998, the university offers bachelor’s and graduate programs with an emphasis on business science, applied science, engineering, and computer science. The Faculty of Computer Science at the University of Mohammad ali jinnah aims to provide education and training at all levels and contribute to a national pool of computer scientists capable of meeting the needs of industry and academia. It is said that. The BS program focuses primarily on training students in the roles of computer system developers, designers and architects, while the MS and PhD programs focus on the preparation of researchers and scholars. Ambitious practitioners in the fields of computer science and software development are motivated to acquire the skills necessary to apply scientific, technical and administrative skills to build reliable computer systems. Researchers receive rigorous training in research methods. However, design, development, and research activities are structured to complement each other.
Program offered
Wireless Sensor and Mesh Networking
Information Security Management
Information Processing Techniques
Enterprise Information Security
Management Information Systems
14 Riphah International University
Rank in Pakistan and Asia (in computer science program)

31 in Pakistan

1167 in Asia

2799 in the World

In this contemporary generation of data age, the sector of computing is advancing at an ultra-excessive speed. With the latest improvements in distinct regions of computing e.g. Internet of Things, Big Data, Cloud Computing, Cyber Security, despite the fact that there was a developing call for to excel in those specific regions, however, the significance of getting a sturdy basis of the center standards of computing has additionally were given greater attention. The want to construct the center competency withinside the region of a basis of the computing, the underlying hardware and software program platforms, programming interfaces, complicated algorithms, tendencies in consumer interface designs, the emergence of latest businesses, has increased. This application of Bachelor of Science in Computer Science (BS-CS) is aimed to satisfy this want of the brand new generation. The BS-CS application will attempt to produce the great laptop scientists who may have the important theoretical heritage to apprehend the computing troubles, may be prepared with the important equipment and strategies to design, increase and supply the answers for those troubles and could have the important moral values to use this ability set withinside the accurately proper way.
The key goals of the BS-CS application are:

  1. To offer the scholars a well-dependent educational application of laptop technological know-how that could satisfy their enterprise in addition to better schooling needs.
  2. To offer the scholars a conducive surroundings in which they are able to analyze the country of the artwork technology to end up treasured laptop technological know-how resources.
  3. To allow the scholars to apprehend the moral values whilst managing the non-public and touchy data and data systems.
  4. To allow the scholars to apprehend the present day problems and demanding situations in laptop technological know-how and to perceive new regions and answers to beautify the commercial enterprise productiveness of the enterprise.
    Admission Criteria: Matric / O level / Equivalent qualification (Science Group) and FSc / A level / with at least 60% marks.
    Program offered
    BS Computer Science (BS-CS)
    BS Data Science(BS-DS)
    MS Information Security (MS-IS)
    PhD Computing.

15 Iqra University(IQ), Karachi
Rank in Pakistan and Asia (in computer science program)

20 in Pakistan

958 in Asia

2394 in the World

The pc technological know-how branch at Iqra University operates to offer computing centers for schooling, studies and standard computing desires for the university. Our project is to offer computing schooling that develops the college students’ breadth of know-how throughout exclusive problem regions of pc technological know-how. Furthermore, it allows them to increase capacity to use the exclusive procedures of pc technological know-how theory, design, and implementation to clear up inter-disciplinary problems. The curriculum consists of publications in pc programming, mathematical foundations of pc technological know-how, automata theory, algorithms, complexity theory, pc architecture, synthetic intelligence, and different applications. Our well-designed undergraduate, graduate and doctoral packages put together our college students for outlining companies in IT sectors, governmental sectors, law, company agencies or academia.
At least 45% marks in Higher Secondary School Certificate or equivalent. Or, At least 60% marks in Diploma, for securing admission in iqra university.
Program offered
Object Oriented Programming
Computer Architecture and Organization
Database Management System
Data Ware Housing and Mining
Software Engineering
Visual Programming Language
Web Programming Language
Compiler Construction
Artificial Intelligence
Machine Learning
Cloud Computing and Virtualization
Data Communication and Computer Networks



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