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Best Universities in Pakistan for Computer Science

There are many universities in Lahore who offered computer science degree in bachelors, master’s and PhD. Some of them are listed below who have good QS ranking in Asia and in Pakistan as well.
Information Technology University, Lahore
University of Engineering and Technology (UET), Lahore
Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS), Lahore
University of the Punjab (PU), Lahore
University of Management and Technology (UMT), Lahore
University of Lahore (UOL), Lahore
Government College University (GCU), Lahore
University of Central Punjab (UCP), Lahore
University of Veterinary and Animal Sciences (UVAS), Lahore
University of Education
Now we discuss each of them in details and throw light on introduction about each university, their location specifically in Lahore city, programs offered in computer field and relevant degrees, their admission/eligibility criteria for students, previous year merit and their ranking in Pakistan and in Asia

1 Information Technology University, Lahore

The ITU offers the opportunity to explore, invent, collaborate and take on challenges. Our aim is to serve as a center of excellence in science, research, entrepreneurship and innovation. Our community is made up of people with diverse interests, backgrounds, schools of thought, skills and backgrounds. The Bachelor of Science (BS) Program in Computer Science at the University of Information Technology (ITU) at Punjab aims to provide education that creates individuals who will transform the IT industry in Pakistan. Our curriculum is intelligently designed to bridge the skill gaps in the industry. In addition, the courses are taught by legendary instructors with diverse experience. By participating in various research projects, students will broaden their classroom knowledge and hands-on work experience and hone their skills. The combination of our excellent curriculum, experienced and internationally qualified faculty, and skills gained through hands-on research experience prepares students for a competitive employment market. It means graduating as a highly qualified professional. We take pride in creating job creators and leaders who are willing to change the way we look at the world.

Admission/Eligibility criteria

For students with F.Sc background
Minimum 60% marks in Matriculation or equivalent examination
At least 60% marks or above in Intermediate examination
At least 50% in the ITU Admissions Test
SAT I with at least 550 score
For students with O/A-levels background
Must cleared 3 subjects in A-Levels with mandatory subjects (Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology or Computer Studies)
Location in lahore
346-B, Ferozepur Road
Lahore, Punjab, 54600
Program offered
Bs computer science
BS Economics with data science (BS EDS)
Bs software engineering
Ms computer science
MS data science
Ms software engineering
Phd computer science

Last year merit (2021)
Aggregate in computer engineering field = 63.03
Aggregate in computer science field = 79.00
Ranking in Pakistan and Asia in computer science filed

1 in Lahore

1 in Pakistan

61 in Asia

2 University of Engineering and Technology, Lahore
UET is a highly selected university. It is also one of the oldest computer research institutes in the country. Today, it is widely recognized as one of Pakistan’s most prestigious engineering colleges, with more than 50,000 students applying for admission each year. Computer science students are trained to become world-class professionals who contribute to the interests of society through information systems and computer science. Our only goal is to build a better future for our students. As the need for flexible and interdisciplinary global education grows, our courses combine both theoretical and research-based knowledge with hands-on experience and the opportunity to network with other peers in the same discipline. increase. The university has a sports facility consisting of a swimming pool, tennis courts, table tennis courts, squash courts and a cricket stadium that is also used for athletics. The university has several soccer fields that entertain students with their studies. In addition to sports-related institutions, there are clubs that promote extracurricular activities. Other campuses of UET present in Gujranwala, Faisalabad, Narowal, Kala Shah Kaku (Sheikhupura District)

Eligibility/admission criteria

At least 60% marks in Intermediate examination excluding sports and Hafz-e-Quran marks.
He/She must appeared in the Entry Test (ECAT) arranged by the University of Engineering and Technology Lahore. Test weightage included 30%
Location in Lahore
Lahore Grand Trunk Road
Lahore, Punjab, 54890
Programs offered
Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning
Data Science
Advanced Python Programming & Applications
Game Design and Development
Full Stack Web Application Development
Commercial Graphics Designing
Video Editing & 3D Animation
Android Application Development
Amazon Affiliate Marketing
SEO & Freelancing
Foundation (MS Office Program)
Last year merit (2021)
Aggregate in computer engineering field = 79.87
Aggregate in computer science field = 78.575
Aggregate in software engineering field = 77.5
Ranking in Pakistan and Asia in computer science filed

2 in Lahore

3 in Pakistan

336 in Asia

3 Lahore University of Management Sciences
Lahore University of Business Sciences (LUMS) is a private university. LUMS is an excellent computer science school in Pakistan. Universities are receiving national attention for their impact on computer science programs and research in the academic community. The LUMS School of Computer Science guides students to acquire the skills and know-how needed to succeed in computer science. The department also involves students in research work. Students then learn to understand the complexity of computer science and business informatics in academia. This department is dedicated to its education and research efforts to contribute to the improvement of software and computer networks for a more productive society. Since CS education is important in many other areas, we focus on providing a wide range of education to our students

Admission/Eligibility criteria

Student should have 8 As. Average in O’Level
At least 85%+ marks in FSc/ICS
At least 90% + marks in Matric
Above 1300 in SAT.

Program offered
Bs Computer Engineering,
Computer Science (Introduction to Programming, Data Structures, Discrete Mathematics, Fundamentals of Computer Systems, Advanced Programming, Algorithms, Artificial Intelligence, Databases, Software Engineering, Operating Systems, Network-Centric Computing, Projects)
Ms Computer Science
Phd Computer Science
Location in Lahore
Sector U, D.H.A
Lahore, Punjab, 54792
Ranking in Pakistan and Asia in computer science filed

3 in Lahore

8 in Pakistan

612 in Asia

4 University of the Punjab, Lahore
The University of the Punjab is a public, research, educational institution located in Lahore. Punjab University is the eldest public university in Pakistan. PU have multiple campuses in Gujranwala, Jhelum, and Khanspur,
The main purpose of the BS program in computer science is to produce a well-balanced graduate of graduates.
• A strong foundation in the theoretical concept of computer science.
• Ability to apply these concepts to provide computer-based solutions to problems related to complex algorithms.
Admission/Eligibility criteria
All candidates should have passed F.A./F.Sc. Student must pass entry test conducted by UET Lahore otherwise the candidate who did not appear in the test would not be eligible for admission.
Program offered
Computer Science
Software Engineering,
Technology Education, 
Location in Lahore
Quaid-e-Azam Campus, PO Box No. 54590
Lahore, Punjab, 54590
Last year merit (2021)
Aggregate in Old campus BS-SE = 89.47 [42 Seats]
Aggregate in New Campus BS-SE = 88.48 [42 Seats]
Aggregate in Old Campus BS-CS = 88.40 [42 Seats]
Aggregate in New Campus BS-CS = 87.72 [42 Seats]
Aggregate in Old Campus BS-IT = 87.14 [42 Seats]
Aggregate in New Campus BS-IT = 86.61 [42 Seats]
Aggregate in Old Campus BS-SE = 87.12 [44 Seats]
Aggregate in New Campus BS-SE = 86.53 [44 Seats]
Ranking in Pakistan and Asia in computer science filed

4 in Lahore

12 in Pakistan

697 in Asia

5 University of Management and Technology (UMT), Lahore
UMT is considered one of the most prestigious and highly admirable institutions in Pakistan’s private universities. It is not only recognized by HEC, but also approved by many international organizations such as the Global Accreditation Center (GAC). The university has more than 150 undergraduate, graduate and doctoral programs in various fields such as administration, technology, textile design, banking, computer science, economics, education, engineering, aviation, humanity, information technology, artificial intelligence, media and telecommunications. We offer the program of. , Language, as well as human and physical health sciences. The highest HEC ranking achievable at universities in Pakistan. UMT enables students to meet new industry challenges through innovation and groundbreaking research.

Admission/Eligibility Criteria
At least 45% marks in Intermediate
No 3rd Division in Matric
At least 50% mark in NTS/UMT Entry Test
Program offered

BS Artificial Intelligence
BS Blockchain Technologies (BCT)
BS Computer Science (BSCS)
BS Information Technology (BS IT)
BS Software Engineering
BS Cyber Security
Location in Lahore
Block C-2, Johar Town
Lahore, Punjab, 54600
Ranking in Pakistan and Asia in computer science filed

5 in Lahore

30 in Pakistan

1161 in Asia

6 University of Lahore (UOL)
Lahore University is recognized as Pakistan’s largest private university and has state-of-the-art private campuses in five cities. We are confident that all programs, from bachelor’s to doctoral degrees, offer excellent research and education. We ensure that students acquire in-depth knowledge with analytical skills that give them leadership qualities. Our curriculum focuses on computational thinking and skill development. Make sure students have the skills and knowledge needed to create optimal computational solutions to their problems from specific disciplines such as artificial intelligence, electronic governance, software engineering, telecommunications, and networking. To do. We believe that our well-structured and carefully planned courses allow students to improve their skills and place them in a competitive position in the market. Our department strives to offer high-tech degree programs in research-based education.
Admission/Eligibility criteria
An applicant can apply in 3 programs in a single time
In order to get admission in UOL, the applicants are required to pass UOL Entrance Test, Interview or both
The selection of applicant shall be on merit (marks obtained in the last examination, entry test / interview and other criteria as University may determine)
The applicants having O-Level, A-Level background or equivalent are required to submit their Certificate in order to determine their eligibility.

Program offered
Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering
Bachelor of Science in Computer Science
Bachelor of Science in Data Science
Bachelor of Science in Software Engineering
Master of Science in Software Engineering
Location in Lahore

1 Km Defense Road, near Bhobtian Chowk, Raiwind Road
Lahore, Punjab, 54600
Ranking in Pakistan and Asia in computer science filed

6 in Lahore

32 in Pakistan

1176 in Asia

7 Government College University, Lahore
GCU located in lahore and also offered degree in computer science & understand the importance of an an increasing number of globalized world, and make certain that college students are ready with applicable capabilities to fulfill its ever-converting needs.
Admission/eligibility criteria
At least 50% in Intermediate.
Merit will be determined on the basis of 2 years F.Sc/Equivalent Certificate issued by Boards.60% marks will be eligible to apply for admission .
Program offered
GCU offer degree in computer science field
Last year merit (2021)
Aggregate in computer science = 92.6%
Location in Lahore
Lower Mall, Katchehri Road
Lahore, Punjab, 54600
Ranking in Pakistan and Asia in computer science filed

7 in Lahore

45 in Pakistan

1431 in Asia

8 University of Central Punjab (UCP), Lahore
UCP main branch located in Lahore and it’s a part of Punjab college. UCP listed in top universities of Lahore who offer computer science degree. The main focus of the BSCS program is to explain theoretical knowledge and practical implementations to produce students who are proficient in problem-solving and computing methods. The BSCS program offers a wide range of courses. Students will participate in workshops as well as competitions to certify that they keep up the latest trends in the field. The program meets all the emerging demands of the software industry. The program ensures highly skilled graduates who are furnished with the required knowledge to run a successful career.
Admission Criteria
At least 50% marks in F.Sc.
  The applicant must clear UCP test or equivalent.
Program offered
Bachelor of Science in Computer Science
Bachelor of Science in software engineering
Ms in computer science
Ms data science
PhD computer science
Location in Lahore
1 Khayaban-e-Jinnah Road, Johar Town
Lahore, Punjab
Ranking in Pakistan and Asia in computer science filed

8 in Lahore

51 in Pakistan

1491 in Asia

9 University of Veterinary and Animal Sciences (UVAS), Lahore
This department is established under the Faculty of Life Sciences Business Management. In today’s era of information and technology, statistics and computer science play an important role in almost every area of ​​life. Therefore, “statistics and computer science” is an integral part of our discipline and contemporary research. Scientific and social research cannot be carried out effectively without the use of statistical methods and computer software. Department faculty are primarily engaged in teaching research methods and using the latest statistical tools such as SPSS, MINITAB, R, and SAS. The Department trains students to meet demand and develops careers in public and private sector education and other organizations. At the same time, we need to teach them the basic values ​​of society and educate them to be useful citizens of the country.
UVAS have other campuses in Ravi, Jhang, Narowal, layyah
Admission Criteria
At least 60% marks in F.Sc. 
20 marks for Hafiz-e-Quran will be awarded
The final merit will be based on marks obtained in Matric and F.Sc
Weightage: F.Sc (70%) and Matric (30% )
Last year merit (2021)
Aggregate in computer science field = 70.27
Location in Lahore
Outfall Road
Lahore, Punjab, 54600
Ranking in Pakistan and Asia in computer science filed

10 in Lahore

63 in Pakistan

1778 in Asia

10 University of Education – Pakistan
Universities have a highly respected governance system that is open and transparent to stakeholders. All public relations and management of public resources are carried out efficiently and carefully by the managers of the institution. Current leadership is taking several steps to revolutionize old traditional systems and develop high-speed online systems with transparency and reliability. The university offers courses such as PhD, MS / MPhil, Master’s, Bachelor’s and Graduate Diplomas. The university is committed to providing quality education to students through highly qualified and qualified faculty and staff. Research activities at the institution pave the way for national progress. Universities have made great efforts to foster a true research culture on campus and related facilities. Universities have excellent training opportunities in various areas of education, research and management.
Admission Criteria
The interested candidate must pass for the UE entry test for admission. At least 60% marks needed in the entry test to get admission in UE.
Program offered
Bs computer science
Bs information technology
Ms information technology
Location in Lahore
Township Campus, College Road
Lahore, Punjab, 54770
Ranking in Pakistan and Asia in computer science filed

13 in Lahore

74 in Pakistan

1931 in Asia



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