Pakistan Navy Salaries and Ranks

This guide offers comprehensive details about Pakistan Navy Salaries and Ranks. It covers information on officers, chief petty officers, and enlisted personnel. It also provides insights into the salaries associated with each rank. Here’s a summary of the key points:

Pakistan Navy Ranks and Salaries

RankBasic Pay Scale (BPS)Salary Range (Rupees)
Midshipman1735,000 – 50,000
Sub Lieutenant1750,000 – 60,000
Lieutenant1770,000 – 80,000
Commander18100,000 – 115,000
Captain19150,000 – 160,000
Commodore20170,000 – 180,000
Rear Admiral21200,000 – 250,000
Vice Admiral22Competitive (BPS-22)
AdmiralApexCompetitive (BPS-Apex)

Understanding Pakistan Navy Ranks

In the realm of Pakistan’s defense forces, the Pakistan Navy stands as a formidable entity. It boasts a hierarchical structure that signifies both authority and responsibility. This article has the aim of unraveling the intricacies of Pakistan Navy ranks and salaries. It intends to provide a detailed and well-researched insight into the naval hierarchy.

  1. Background and Equivalencies: Exploring the equivalencies with global naval structures, particularly the Royal Navy and the United States Navy.
  2. Officer Ranks: Unpacking the officer ranks from Midshipman to Admiral of the Fleet.
  3. Chief Petty Officers & Enlisted: Highlighting the roles of Ordinary Seaman, Able Seaman, and other enlisted positions.

Pak Navy Ranks and star

RankNATO CodePakistan Army Equivalent RankPakistan Air Force Equivalent Rank
AdmiralOF-9GeneralAir Chief Marshal
Vice AdmiralOF-8Lieutenant GeneralAir Marshal
Rear AdmiralOF-7Major GeneralAir Vice Marshal
CommodoreOF-6BrigadierAir Commodore
CaptainOF-5ColonelGroup Captain
CommanderOF-4Lieutenant ColonelWing Commander
Lieutenant CommanderOF-3MajorSquadron Leader
LieutenantOF-2CaptainFlight Lieutenant
Sub-LieutenantOF-1Second LieutenantFlying Officer
MidshipmanOF-DOfficer CadetPilot Officer
Chief Petty OfficerOR-9Master Warrant Officer (MWO)Master Warrant Officer (MWO)
Senior Petty OfficerOR-8Warrant Officer (WO)Warrant Officer (WO)
Petty OfficerOR-7SergeantFlight Sergeant
Leading SeamanOR-6CorporalCorporal
Able SeamanOR-5Lance CorporalLance Corporal
Ordinary SeamanOR-4PrivateAircraftman

Pakistan Naval Academy: An in-depth look at the training process for officers at the prestigious Pakistan Naval Academy.

Branch Specializations: Exploring the diverse branches officers can choose, such as Logistics, Mechanical, Engineering, Education, Special Branch, and Law.

Post-Training Courses: Delving into specialized courses like Surface Warfare, Underwater Warfare, Electronic Warfare, Communications, Navigation & Operations.

Examples and Facts

  • Historical Examples: Highlighting notable naval figures and their contributions.
  • Facts and Figures: Incorporating statistical data on the growth and achievements of the Pakistan Navy.


In conclusion, understanding Pakistan Navy ranks and salaries provides insight into its structure. From Midshipman to Admiral of the Fleet, each rank plays a crucial role in safeguarding maritime interests.

By demystifying this hierarchy, we hope to foster appreciation for the dedication and expertise required to serve in the Pakistan Navy. As we salute these guardians of the sea, may this guide stand as a beacon for those seeking to comprehend naval ranks and responsibilities.


How long is the training period for a Midshipman?

Midshipmen undergo approximately one and a half years of rigorous training at the Pakistan Naval Academy.

What are the primary responsibilities of a Commander?

Commanders oversee warships or submarines, and they may also work in naval bases or take up roles with the Ministry of Defense.

How does the salary of a Vice Admiral compare to other naval ranks?

A: Vice Admirals, being 3-Star Officers, enjoy a competitive salary in the range of BPS-22.

Are there any female officers in high-ranking positions in the Pakistan Navy?

Yes, the Pakistan Navy has provisions for female officers in various branches, and they can rise to high ranks based on merit.

Has anyone achieved the rank of Admiral of the Fleet in the Pakistan Navy?

As of now, there is no record of any officer attaining the rank of Admiral of the Fleet in the Pakistan Navy.

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